Ann Arbor Photographer Hassan Hodges

It’s easy to take pictures of what you see in front on you.
That’s not what I do.
I make images of what I feel.


I believe in the power of images to shape how we see ourselves and see the world. You deserve to see yourself the way I see you. Perfection is not my goal, authentic feelings are. All are welcome here.


Many photographers specialize. At some point I will. I’m still interested in exploring vastly different subjects and approaches. I approach every shoot with compassion and a desire to explore.


I’m a gear head and an over thinker, but I’m also a people person. It’s a powerful combination, but the real magic happens when the technology fades into the background.


I’m proudly based in Ann Arbor.

Flint, Detroit, Toledo, Jackson and Lansing are in my home range too. Beyond that, nothing is too far. Lets talk.

How I got to here

I never intended to be a photographer. I spent 20 years telling myself that it wasn’t the right time and that I should keep photography as just a hobby. But in 2019, I made the the leap and absolutely love sharing the feelings that go into my images.

But first the backstory….

I was born in a small village in Sierra Leone to two American parents working for the Peace Corps. I grew up in Monrovia, then moved to New Jersey. The reason I bring it up is because that’s where my compassion and dedication to doing work that matters was born.

I started taking pictures for The Daily Targum while I was a student at Rutgers. I got a lot of experience making interesting images during the football team’s 0-11 1997 season. I thought about focusing on photography then, but chose a different career path within journalism. I spent a decade making maps and infographics with occasional forays into photography. That eventually lead to another career within journalism: technology and business development. All the while, I continued to pursue my hobby of photography and 20 years went by with me quietly improving my skills and adding new techniques.

In 2018, my daughter went through a major health crisis. She is doing great now, but it was a major life event. On the other side of that, my relationship with feelings and getting into the current moment was completely different. Life is too long to not follow your dreams, so I became photographer so I could share what I feel around me, and provide some good in the world.

Lets make something together