Ann Arbor Headshot Photographer

When you have a headshot that is 100% “you” it can be so much more than checking a box on your todolist. Imagine the feeling of knowing your headshot matches you completely. Whether you’re formal, friendly, or downright goofy, your headshot will fit you.

In our current wholly digital world, your headshot is quite literally the first thing people see when they’re introduced to you.

One headshot = almost endless ways to use it / places to put it.

Social media profiles, business card, email signature, website, print materials, speaker bio. When you’ve got a headshot you love, you’ll feel confident using it everywhere.

The Headshot Process

Just as no two people are the same, each shoot looks a little different.

  1. Understanding Your Needs – Where are you going to use your photo? What purpose does it need to hit? What industry are you in? What aspects of your personality are you trying to convey?
  2. Figuring Out a Style – Your style will tie directly to your goals. Confident and effective? Artistic and unique? Wizard or Muggle?
  3. Photoshoot Day! – Because we will have planned out your setting and photograph style, all you have to do is show up, relax, and be real. Your only job is to be you.

Creating a Stress-Free Experience For You

When you feel nervous and awkward, it comes across in your photos. My job is to make you feel comfortable, at ease, and like yourself, so that your photos look natural and authentic. Don’t worry about how to pose – I will tell you how to stand, what to do with your nervous fingers, and everything else.

See you soon.