Everybody is welcome here. European-features on gender normative one-size-fits-all bodies is not the only form of beauty. You are beautiful just the way you are.


Systemic racism exists and disadvantages communities. I am a biracial person of color and a person of privilege. I will work to identify racism and use my privilege to oppose racist ideas and to create positive images of diverse ranges of people of color.


Non-profit organizations and small businesses enrich our communities. They provide the unique local flavor that makes Ann Arbor not just another place. I will work to support my local community through photography.


We have one world and the environment and social justice are intertwined. I will use my photography to promote conservation while also minimizing my environmental impact.

I offer discounted and free rates to support these efforts
as well as specific artistic projects.

Growth never ends. Please call me out if you think I can do better.